Can A Psychic Help You Win The Lottery?


Stateliners are doing anything they can to get the inside track on the winning Powerball numbers. The Powerball is up to a record $1.5 billion dollars.

Rockford resident Michael Turner says that if he won, he would spend the money transforming the Forest City.

He says “There are some non profit organizations (in Rockford) that could really use that money and do something with it.”

While Turner is hoping to find luck with Quick Pick tickets, others are seeking psychic help to find the winning numbers. Denise Guzzardo is a psychic from Rockford, and says she has had clients hit it big in the lotto after she told them to play.

She says, “In all the years in my business (more than two decades), i have actually had three large winning lotto clients that I had encouraged to play.”

She says that people should not go to psychics for lotto luck. She says it can leave residents with false hope, since psychic powers are not meant to help people gamble.

She adds, “I just don’t feel like the guardians or the guides that I work with would encourage gambling.”

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