(WTVO) — What happens when a junk car is left on the streets in Illinois?

What’s written in state law spells that out.

According to the Illinois Vehicle Code, when a car or truck is left unattended on an Illinois highway or expressway for two or more hours, a police officer in that jurisdiction may authorize a towing service to remove it.

“When a vehicle is abandoned on a highway in an urban district 10 hours or more, its removal by a towing service may be authorized by a law enforcement agency having jurisdiction,” the code states.

Outside of urban districts, police can authorize towing companies to remove vehicles left on roadways for 24 hours or more.

For junk cars and trucks, the vehicle code allows police to immediately arrange the removal of any vehicle that creates a hazard or is impeding traffic. This includes wrecked, burned, or partially dismantled vehicles on roads or private property.

When a junk car is left on a public roadway, its registered owner could be subject to state and fines, fees, and penalties, Illinois law states. The owner and anyone who “aids and abets” in the abandonment of a vehicle could also be subject to a mandatory state fine of $200.

In addition to state fines, a car owner could be subject to local parking and other fines and be liable for towing, storage, and processing fees for up to 30 days after a vehicle is removed from the road.

A vehicle that is not retrieved by its owners after 30 days can be acquired by the towing company and sold at auction to recoup towing and storage fees.

Can you park a junk car on a public roadway in Illinois? The answer is, yes, for a time, before state and local officials deem it abandoned and tow it away at your expense.