ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — If there are no cyclists present, is it legal to park in a bike lane in Illinois?

Bike lanes are marked by “sharrows,” two inverted v-shapes above the image of a bicycle, indicating which part of the road should be used by bikes when sharing the lane with motor vehicles.

According to the Illinois Secretary of State, cyclists “should stay within” a designated bike lane when traveling. A bicyclist in Illinois is responsible for observing the same rules of the road as other vehicles, and motorists must respect their right of way.

But, if you’re driving a car, can you park on a designated bike lane?

The Secretary of State says “even if bicyclists are not present, do not drive, park, or stand in a bike lane.”

However, as long as there is not a “No Parking” sign posted nearby, motorists are allowed to park in a bike lane if necessary. “Wait for bicyclists to pass before entering the lane to park,” the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road say.

Drivers are required by law to allow at least 3 feet of space between a vehicle and a cyclist.