‘Can You Hear Me?’ Phone Scam and Ways to Protect Yourself


These scammers are not only targeting big cities like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.
Instances are now being reported in the Stateline area.
Theres a new phone scam that has reached the Rockford area.
But how they get you?
Just by asking a simple question.
“Can you hear me?  That is done to illicit a ‘yes’ response.” said Dennis Horton, director at Rockford Better Business Bureau.  
It all starts by saying ‘yes.’
The scammers record your voice and could use that to purchases products or register for services you may not have even wanted.
Horton says they’ve heard from people who have come in contact with the scammers here – even though no money has been taken – yet.
The Better Business Bureau  is taking phone calls to inform local law enforcement agencies by using their scam tracker, which allows officials to investigate and hopefully lead to an arrest.
“There are peaks and valleys with scams, this one, is new and the activity is just beginning.” Horton expressed.
Horton says if you receive  a call, check the caller id and if you don’t know the phone number, its best to not answer.
However, if you did, there are things you can do.
“If you have received a call and you did say ‘yes ‘ it might be prudent that you check your bank statements, check your credit card statements to make sure that there isn’t some purchase that has been applied to your accounts without your knowledge” suggested Horton.
Local residents who have been victimized by other phone scams say it’s good advice.
“They need to be stopped – you know what I’m saying at any given calls – they need to be stopped.” said one victim Yvonne Banks.
The Better Business Bureau in Rockford also said that given that its tax season to keep on the look out for
IRS scams and along with calls from ‘Publishers Clearing House’ and ‘Government grants’
BBB suggest to call their offices in Rockford at (815) 963 – 2222 and report if you or someone you know has experienced a phone scam.

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