Captain America – yes, for real – is set to get married on Wednesday in Pekin.

Captain America is a 26-year-old who lives in East Peoria, and he’s all set to wed Amanda Gosnell, 28, of Pekin at the Tazwell County Courthouse, according to the Pekin Journal Register.

Captain America once had another identity, that of Mark Anderson. But three years ago, he decided he needed a name change to run for office in order to save the United States.

“I figured I should be president,” he said. “I think the name will stick out on ballots.”

So for $250, Anderson filled out the legal paperwork, went to court and became Captain America.

He won’t be able to become president until he turns 35, but Captain America has plans to work on before then.

He’s currently studying sexually transmitted diseases as a nursing student, and believes he has developed a cure for several of them.

“It was just simple mathematics and an understanding of antibiotics,” he says.

He says he hasn’t shared the secret recipe with any public health officials just yet, “just people in my own circle,” he says. 

Captain America is set to get hitched at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Amanda Gosnell will become Amanda Gosnell-America.

Gosnell has four children, but says the couple plans to have 12 together.