Car Burglary Caught on Surveillance Camera


Police are investigating a car burglary in a Rockford neighborhood Wednesday night.

The incident was caught on the victim’s surveillance camera

In the video, a man throws a brick through the passenger window of a car, then takes something from inside.

“I came out here, and I just couldn’t believe it… there was glass everywhere on the floor,” says Rockford resident Joe Nickel, who found the damage while he was on his way to work.

When he got to his car on Thursday morning, he found his car window was destroyed, and pieces of his dashboard on the ground.

This happened in an alley behind his house in the 400 Block of Washington.

“He didn’t even open the door or anything,” said Nickel. “He just threw the brick right through it, grabbed my backpack right through the window…and then just walked off.”

The video shows the thief looking through the windows of several cars. He spots a backpack in the passenger seat of Nickel’s car. He walks away, but, comes back with a brick and smashes the window.

“Seeing it is one thing,” said Nickel. “But then when you’re sitting there watching the person actually do it… it just kind of takes it to a different level… my heart just dropped watching it.”

“It’s not something that we see on a day to day basis,” says Rockford Police Assistant Deputy Chief Mike Dalke. Dalke says car burglaries like this are crimes of opportunity.

“Generally speaking, suspects who are committing burglaries to vehicles aren’t going to go to the extent to break into your vehicle if they don’t see anything that’s readily available for them to take,” said Dalke.

Nickel says he doesn’t plan on ever leaving anything in plain sight in his car again.

And he’s hopeful his video will help police catch the suspect.

“I’m hoping that it does result in anything,” said Nickel. “I mean. It would be nice to bring justice to the person that’s going around doing this.”

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