Care For Pets gives local dog a second chance


A dog is nearly put down after eating a sock. Luckily, a Rockford organization stepped up to give the pup a second chance.

Just a few days ago, Bentley found himself in the dangerous situation. When his then-owners realized they didn’t have the money for emergency surgery, they surrendered him and asked to euthanize him. The veterinarians felt the one-year-old Doberman was too young and called on Care For Pets for help.

“Obstruction surgeries can be very expensive,” said executive director Stephanie Hicks. “It was actually his second sock he enjoyed consuming.”

Hicks was hoping for a Christmas miracle when she asked for donations online Monday night.

“We raised the amount of money, $2,000, for his surgery in 8 hours,” said Hicks. “From midnight on Christmas Day to 8 a.m. on Christmas morning.”

After surgery, the one year old Doberman needed to go to a foster home to recover. That was when the Eckerstrom’s were called.

“[They were] asking if we had any open space for a one year old Doberman that was coming out of some major surgery and needed a home,” said Emily Eckerstrom. “Even though we already have another foster, we can always make room for one more.”

Hicks says Care For Pets hears about animals needing obstruction surgery every week. Adding prevention is key to making sure pets avoid falling into a similar situation.

“It’s really making sure that if your animal is prone to picking something up, chewing on something, that you’re keeping things out of the way,” said Hicks. “It can be deadly. Even with surgery, it can be deadly.”

For now, Bentley will need time to recover from his surgery. His foster family says he’s already showering their kids with love.

“I know that this sock eating thing is something that can easily be managed by just being careful and keeping him busy and happy and having access to other things that are more appropriate,” said Eckerstrom. “I’m sure he’s going to make a great addition to somebody’s home.”

Bentley is in foster through Cause For Paws Rescue in Byron. While he’s not ready for adoption just yet, the local rescue is accepting applications.

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