Cat adopts four baby squirrels


A mother’s love knows no bounds, even when that mother is a cat — and some of her kittens are actually squirrels.

A cat named Pusha at a park in Crimea adopted four orphaned squirrels and cared for them alongside her own kittens.

“One day our visitors brought them [baby squirrels] to us in a box,” Olga Fadeeva, keeper at Miniature Park of Bakhchisaray, said. “They were about four weeks old, their eyes were already open a little. We had a cat who had had kittens. We decided to try to give them to her, and she accepted them as if they were her own.”

Park officials said that the baby squirrels were initally hesitant about their new feline family.

“The cat was weirded out at first as the squirrels tried to get out of the box, climb onto her, reach into her mouth and so on,” Fadeeva said. “But later she accepted her new children and they found a common language. Now they live as a happy family, kittens and baby squirrels.”

But soon everybody settled in, and the four baby squirrels are now sleeping and playing.

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