WTVO) — Illinois is losing population at an accelerating rate, according to the U.S. Census.

Data released Thursday showed that 110,127 people left the state between July 2021 and July 2022.

The report marks the ninth year in a row that the state’s population has declined. Over the past two years, Illinois has lost 230,513 people.

Meanwhile, Illinois’ poverty rate increased by 12.1% over the last year, a marker Wirepoints President Ted Dabrowski, says is alarming.

“We’re putting more and more people on food stamps, more people on Medicaid, so we’re creating more dependency and creating less jobs and that combination is a disaster, which is one of the reasons why people will just leave the state,” Dabrowski told The Center Square.

Illinois was third in population decline, behind California and New York, data showed.

“It’s important to note that our neighboring states, with the exception of Michigan, they all grew,” Dabrowski said.

The U.S. Census now estimates the Illinois population at, 12,582,032, down from 2021’s mark of 12,686,469.

Florida and Texas led the way among states that gained population over the past year. All but 18 states saw growth.