Cheap gas at Auburn Citgo sends message of hope to community


Dozens of drivers lined up at the Citgo gas station on Auburn Street to fill up for less than $2.

“We have lines all the way to so and so,” said James Parham. “We’re trying to get this gas.”

For just 2.5 hours, residents were able to top off their tanks for $1.79 a gallon. Organizers say it’s all in an effort to shine a positive light on the area.

“It’s kind of give-back,” said organizer Deon Freeman. “Letting people know the west side is still the best side of town and to save some bucks on gas around Christmastime.”

In the last few months, the Citgo location has been a crime scene multiple times — including the shooting death of a 37 year-old Jennifer Jones last month.

“[We’re] just standing with her family,” said Freeman. “We’re definitely apologetic as to what happened to her and we just want to be for them.”

Gas station owner Dustin Olson will be donating part of the proceeds to Jones’ family, saying it’s time something good happens instead.

“I’m hoping that I can inspire other people, businesses to also try and stand with the community,” said Olson. “Hopefully this can be the start of a good thing.”

Among those waiting in line was Kiara and Kyeisha Mosley, the sisters say it’s encouraging to be part of a productive cause on the west side.

“We’re coming together to do something,” said Kyeisha Mosley. “There’s no shooting guns, nothing. We’re all patiently waiting in line, we’re not acting a fool. It’s a good cause. They should think about it like ‘look at us together not acting out’.”

“Not every event that is planned is going to be negative,” said Kiara Mosley. “We just all need to be more positive when they come and don’t bring negativity into events.”

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