Cheap Trick climbs billboard charts


   At Toad Hall on Broadway-put a Cheap Trick record on the turntable-and you’ll hear a song from the seventies-like dream police. But, more than thirty years later-Cheap Trick is back on top. Their new album ‘Bang, Zoom, Crazy Hello’ is cracking billboard’s top forty-just weeks after the band’s induction into the rock and roll hall of fame.

   “I’m so excited for them to get into the hall of fame, they’re way past due,” said Nick Naruz. But hardly retired-and still very influential.

   “They’re still on the road and they’re still influencing new band and bands are soaking up what they’re putting down and cheap trick is soaking up what they’re putting out and they’re feeding off of eachother,” said Naruz.

   The owner of the record store Culture Shock agrees.

   “So few bands get to do that while they’re still active and touring and recording new albums, that’s a really awesome feat for them,” said Skyler Davis.

   Cheap Trick will release the concert edition of “Live at the Budakon” on vinyl Saturday. Davis says it was originally released in Japan-and that it’s what got them famous.

   “Hearing them live and hearing the hype of the concert really opened peoples eyes to cheap trick,” said Davis.

   As their recent success shows, Cheap Trick shows no signs of ‘surrender.’

   “Having someone out there from rockford that has that unique rockford taste out influencing modern day music is a huge deal for Rockford,” said Naruz.

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