Chicago Man Sentenced in 2010 Shooting Death of Rockford Man


A Chicago man will spend nearly the next four decades in prison for a violent crime he committed in Rockford.

A jury convicted Clifton Wyatt for murdering a man in his East Rockford apartment.

We spoke with the family minutes after the judge’s sentence. They say they’re glad justice has finally been served.

“It’s one of the most tragic, tragic, tragic, sentences I have to preside over,” said Judge Ronald White discussing the sentencing of Wyatt.

Wyatt was found guilty of 2 counts of first degree murder for the shooting death of Ladarrick Torry in 2010.

“He was a great guy. Yes he was,” said Torry’s mother, Pauline Torry-Starnes. She says her son was also loving father, always willing to help those who needed it.

She says it’s been a struggle for her and her family all these years.

“It’s been very stressful, it’s been very lengthy,” said Torry-Starnes. “And today, with the sentence it hasn’t sunken in yet, but I do feel relief that some justice has been done for my son.”

“Justice was served today,” said Deputy State’s Attorney James Brun. “And we hope that today not only gives justice but gives the family the beginning of healing.”

Torry-Starnes says although they have a sense of relief now that the trial is over, their loss will live with them forever.

“The main thing is that I still won’t see Ladarrick,” said his mother. “I’m still not able to talk to my son. I would love for him to call me and say ‘Mom I’m okay,’ but you know, I won’t get that.”

We spoke with three of his six children, and they said they’re also glad the trial is finally over, but it won’t bring their father back.

“You get a sense of being able to move on, but you’ll never forget,” said Javin Wesley-Torry, one of Ladarrick’s sons. “You’ll always remember this. That’s our dad.  And he’s gone.”

“I just got to find some kind of peace,” said Ladarrick Torry Jr. “Live our lives how he wanted us to live our lives.”

A judge sentenced Wyatt to 37 years behind bars. He is not eligible for parole.

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