CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — An alleged Chicago gang member with Down syndrome has been charged with two murders over a 10-day span.

Nicholas “Smush” Samudio, 22, reputedly a member of the Latin Kings, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, has been charged with the February 16th road rage shooting of Humberto Marin-Garcia and the February 26th killing of Thomas Villa in a case of possible mistaken identity.

Photo: Chicago Police Department

Samudio was arrested after a police chase in a stolen vehicle after killing Villa, authorities said.

Police said Samudio killed Marin-Garcia on I-55 near Lock Street in front of his pregnant wife, who was in the passenger seat. Authorities said it appeared that Samudio killed Marin-Garcia in a fit of road rage.

Samudio and Moses Maldonado, 21, apparently killed Villa 10 days later, because they thought he was in a rival gang. Police said Villa had parked his car and was walking home, passing a car the pair were sitting in.

The Sun-Times reported that Maldonado shot at Villa from the car’s open window, but it was Samudio who got out and shot him dead.

Investigators said Villa had been wearing a hat that the pair believed was merchandise belonging to another gang.

Police chased the pair’s stolen Chrysler 300 until it came to a stop and a foot chase ensued, after which both men were arrested.