(WTVO) — Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is asking the Illinois General Assembly to allocate more than $50 million to care for the 1,500 migrants that have arrived in Chicago from Texas.

In a letter obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Lightfoot says the city will run out of funds to continue providing services to the migrants after Feb. 1 without additional funding.

“As a Chicago Delegation Member, I respectfully request you to advocate for $53.5 million to the city of Chicago for emergency services to migrant and asylum-seeking individuals in a supplemental appropriations bill that may be considered before the 102nd Illinois General Assembly adjourns,” the letter said.

It’s unclear whether lawmakers will entertain Lightfoot’s request although state Rep. Adam Niemerg, R-Tuetopolis, told The Center Square Chicago needs to solve its own problems. 

“I would ask Mayor Lightfoot why she has not allocated certain monies from her own budget for the city of Chicago, since she is a sanctuary city, to forecast this migrant surge or illegal immigrant surge,” Niemerg said. “I am very open to legal immigration but the way we see it now is completely unacceptable. I would say to the mayor, find your own money for your problems and do not come to the state.” 

Maggie Rivera of the Illinois Migrant Council said last fall that migrants who come to Chicago from Texas need food and clothes.

“Most of these people have arrived on a bus after a long trip and only have one or two changes,” she said.

Most of the migrants in Chicago are from Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua. 

The Illinois House wraps up its lame-duck session Jan. 10. The Senate convenes on Jan. 11.