Chicago serial killer H.H. Holmes to be subject of series produced by DiCaprio, Scorsese


Chicago serial killer H.H. Holmes, and his “Murder Castle,” previously the subject of the 2003 book “The Devil in the White City,” will be the subject of a Hulu series produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese.

The project has been circulating in Hollywood for some time, with DiCaprio at times attached to play America’s first serial killer, but this week Hulu and Paramount Television announced a small screen version of the story, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The story, which is set in the 1890’s during the World’s Fair in Chicago, tells of a murderous conman who takes advantage of his reputation as a doctor to lure and murder people at his apartment building, dubbed the “Murder Castle,” as crowds visited Chicago to attend the expo.

Holmes’ house, which was located in Chicago’s Engelwood neighborhood, featured trap doors, mazes of hallways, and secet rooms.

When Chicago police investigated Holmes, they found peepholes and chutes that led to the basement, according to

Police believed Holmes to be responsible for up to 200 murders.

He was hanged in 1896.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “The Devil in the White City tells the chilling true story of two men, an architect and a serial killer, whose fates were forever linked by the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. Each embodied American ingenuity at the dawn of the 20th century: Daniel H. Burnham, a brilliant and fastidious architect racing to make his mark on the world, and Henry H. Holmes, a handsome and cunning doctor who fashioned his own pharmaceutical ‘Murder Castle’ on fair grounds — a palace built to seduce, torture and mutilate young women.”

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