CHIMI CHALLENGE: ‘Mexico Clasico’ Takes on a Recipe Overhaul and Shows Off Healthy Options

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All through January, Eyewitness News More Local in the Morning is helping you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions!

A popular resolution is to eat healthier. We decided to issue a challenge to Mexico Clasico: can you transform the deep-fried (and delicious) fajita chimichanga into something healthier?

Challenge accepted!

Co-owner Jose Chavez walked Eyewitness News Anchor Christie Nicks through the process of how to make the original version. It includes chicken sauteed in butter, grilled vegetables, wrapped in a tortilla, deep fried and then drenched in cheese. For his healthier version, Chavez steamed the chicken in water, added seasoning and a bit of tequila with the fresh veggies to amp up the flavor. He wrapped it in a spinach tortilla and served it with white rice and black beans.

Chavez said his restaurant always tries to use fresh ingredients, and he prefers to use olive or canola oil when it comes to cooking. One healthy dish already on the menu is the ‘Ensalada Clasica’, which has marinated chicken served on top of a bed of fresh greens, topped with grilled bell pepper, tomatoes and asparagus. Cucumbers, orange slices, and avocado round out the plate filled with color.

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