Chinese space station to fall to Earth


JIUQUAN, CHINA – OCTOBER 26: (CHINA OUT) An upgraded Long March 2F rocket carries the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on October 26, 2011 in Jiuquan, China. The Shenzhou-8 spacecraft is scheduled to launch in early November, on a space mission to dock with China’s first unmanned space module Tiangong-1. (Photo by […]

Scientists say they are tracking a doomed Chinese prototype space station that is on a collision course with Earth, Newsweek reported.

One satellite tracking website has the Tiangong-1 returning to Earth on April 1 – which is both Easter and April Fools’ Day.

The majority of the satellite will burn up in the atmosphere, Newsweek reported. Some debris may make it through, but it is unlikely to hit land and more likely to land in water, scientists said.

Tiangong-1 launched in 2011 and is several thousand pounds and about 34 feet long, Newsweek reported.

Predicting where it will come down is impossible, Popular Mechanics reported. Scientists may not know where it is reentering until right before it happens.

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