Chris Kennedy Sits Down with Eyewitness News


The democratic race for Illinois Governor is up for grabs and polls show many voters haven’t made up their mind.

Candidate Chris Kennedy (D) visited Rockford Monday to meet with supporters and make his case.  He’s also positioning himself as the ultimate political outsider.  He won’t say he’s anti-House Speaker Mike Madigan, but he’s certainly not a fan.

“I think we need to return to our democratic values and move away from a small group of insiders like Speaker Madigan,” said Kennedy.  “[He’s] controlling the outcome of our state and robbing the future of all of us.”

In fact, Kennedy partly blames Madigan for a property tax system he believes has crippled the state economically.  One he says his main opponents, J.B. Pritzker and Sen. Daniel Biss, would not work to reform.

“I’m going to take on the property tax racket of Illinois.  Pritzker absolutely will not do that.  Dan Biss has been part of that system, a three-term incumbent whose been supportive of [Madigan] since he’s been first elected.  They’re not going to take on Speaker Madigan.”

Kennedy’s visit to Rockford also comes the week after new FBI tapes of Pritzker talking with disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich were reported by the Chicago Tribune.

“I think they’re disturbing,” Kennedy said about the tapes.  “We’ve talked about the race-based outcomes of government decision making in the state.  The fact that many people are left on the outside and to hear those tapes, to hear people laughing about it at the highest levels [and] mocking African-American leadership and calling them names, it adds insult to the very real injury that’s occurred.

A final debate between the main democratic candidates for Governor has been scheduled for early March in Springfield.  We are scheduled to air it on our MyNetTV channel.  However, Pritzker has declined to participate so far, which may force the debate not to happen.

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