City Addresses Tap Water Concerns


New data on Rockford’s tap water is making the rounds on social media. An environmental group claiming the city’s water might not be safe. Many of the contaminants listed as being in Rockford’s water are common and not harmful. But with social media buzzing with concern over the water flowing through many Rockford homes, the city wants to assure citizens that they have nothing to worry about.

“Yes, it is absolutely safe to drink,” Rockford Water Superintendent Kyle Saunders.

The concern comes after new data released by an Environmental Working Group revealed the water in Rockford had a number of different contaminants. Saunders says it is not uncommon for those contaminants to appear in tap water.

“There’s traces of those certain contaminants nationwide within public water systems,” said Saunders. “Depending on the depth, depending formations, depending on certain industrial uses. Some of these contaminants are even natural occurring.”

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regulates specific contaminants to make sure the water being provided to the public is safe.

“The City of Rockford is meeting the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements,” said Illinois EPA Public Information Officer Kim Biggs. “Those water quality standards have been set in place to protect the public.”

She concedes that not every contaminant is monitored by the Illinois EPA, but Saunders says they spend a large amount of money on treating the city’s water. He explained that they have a very advanced water treatment process.

“We have pressure filtration, we have certain types of medias and filters that will help eliminate all those unwanted constituents such as iron, radium, VOCs.”

Saunders says if anyone has any questions or concerns over the water, to call the city, or visit their website.

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