City Asks Residents To Clear Streets Amidst Snow Storm


Many Rockford residents still have cars parked on the streets, despite a snow emergency being in effect. The constant snow makes it hard for plow drivers to keep up, but it’s even tougher for them when there are cars in their way.

The Rockford area is seeing around three to five inches of snowfall on Monday. Public Works Superintendent Mitch Leatherby says they have nearly two dozen trucks plowing the streets.

“We plan for the worst,” said Leatherby. “We always have a plan in place regardless of how much they have forecasted. We knew there would be the snow on the ground and we knew we’d have crews [working] all night.”

Despite their best efforts, travel was still difficult at times. Early Monday, a semi hit a pickup truck at Alpine Road and East State Street. The City of Rockford and other area cities are declaring a city-wide snow emergency for Monday. In Rockford, the ordinance calls for vehicles to be parked on the odd side of the street if the date ends in an odd number, and on the even side of the street when the date ends on an even number.

“The primary purpose behind this is to allow our plow trucks to safely get down the residential streets,” said Leatherby. “So that the residents can safely get down the streets.”

Late Monday afternoon, several parked cars blocked plows on several different streets. The city says that, if at all possible, residents should remove cars from the street, but, if unable to, to follow the odd-even day parking. 

“When this ordinance is in effect, if you’re parked on the wrong side of the road, you get a ticket,” said Leatherby. “Currently, the parking ticket is $50.”

Leatherby adds that it is important for residents to stay informed of city ordinances during the winter months. “Just keep in mind, anytime we have forecast totals [of snow] to be two inches or higher, you can expect a snow emergency to go into effect.”

Other Stateline cities who have declared a snow emergency include Machesney Park, Janesville, and Beloit. They require all cars be removed from city streets.

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