City of Freeport Begins Big Move to New City Hall


The city of Freeport is technically closed for the week so departments can move into the new City Hall.

After the grand opening of the new building last week, city officials have begun to move into their new home.  The Water and Sewer Dept. already moved in and is in full swing.  Meanwhile, the Community Development, Finance, Mayor, Clerk, and Treasurer are all expected to be moved in by the end of Friday.

Mayor Jim Gitz says that moving into the Carnegie Library was the best choice, given that renovations for the old City Hall would’ve been more costly.

“It would’ve cost more than $1,000,000,” said Gitz.  “Essentially, we would have had to build a new building with the old envelope and I don’t think that was absorbable in our city budget without additional taxes.  People do not have an appetite for that, and rightfully so.”

City offices are expected to be fully operational on Monday.

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