Class teaches kids as young as six how to handle firearms


CHARLOTTE, NC (CNN) – Should six-year-olds be shooting real handguns?

A North Carolina man thinks so… and he’s offering gun training classes for kids that young.

He says it’s all about safety.

“There was no other class like this. So, I decided to come up with it,” said Michael Pegram, firearm trainer in the Charlotte area. “It’s the parent’s choice of what their kids should be around. I’m just offering a class to let them learn to be safe if they’re going to be around them.”

The children spend four hours both in classroom time and shooting, working from a nerf gun to a 22 or 9 millimeter. Some students are as young as 6, he says.

“A lot of times they’re not shooting 9 millimeter, but once in a blue moon if they know what they’re doing and I know they can do it, we have done that,” Pegram said.

Pegram’s has had some social media feedback.

“There is an extreme on either side. People are extremely against it or they’re extremely for it,” Pegram said.

Pegram says he didn’t think there would be any opposition to what he was doing. He says he was surprised by the negative comments on social media.

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