Clock Tower Hotel: Closed and Condemned


The once iconic Clock Tower Hotel now sits, abandoned.

The building was condemned on Friday afternoon after Thaddeus Mack, Building Code Official for Rockford, received word about the power being reportedly shut off the previous Monday.  “Obviously, that’s a concern for the city, we want to make sure the city is safer, even for the few remaining tenants that were in there.  So, we went out and investigated that afternoon, found that the power was off through the whole building. At that point, we didn’t have a choice but to condemn the structure.”

The Van Galder Bus Company also had posted on their website that services for the stop at the Clock Tower Resort will be terminated on May 1st.  Mack said keeping the Van Galder bus stop there could cause some worries about safety. “Its a straight shot in, so it works well for that. With a condemned building, obviously they can still operate buses out of there, but I get the concern if you don’t have power, if you don’t have security, if you don’t have lights on in the parking lot…I wouldn’t want to leave my car there.”

Rockford City officials say that despite the closed doors, they’re open to any business ventures that would replace the Clock Tower Resort.

Senator Dave Syverson (R – 35th District) said that they have been working to pass gaming legislation in the State Capitol, which he believes could help bring business to replace the Clock Tower and create revenue for the city of Rockford.  Senator Syverson believes it may be the hotel’s only hope.  “The Clock Tower is something that no one would have enough money to do unless it was tied to a casino he would have the investors coming in and rehabbing and rebuilding the clock tower as the entrance way to the city which would really be a wonderful thing for the region.”

Some local legislators have tried for several years to get a casino license in Rockford, but haven’t found success.  Syverson said a current proposal is bottled up in the house.

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