Clock Tower Hotel Demolition: Community Reacts


The Clock Tower Hotel & Resort has been a visible landmark off Interstate 90 for nearly 50 years, but now stands ready to be demolished.

This comes after the Clock Tower was bought on Wednesday. Now, with new plans on the way to level the structure, that left some reminiscent on days pasts.

Resident Bill Rogers Says Rockford is losing a landmark with a lot of history.

“I grew up in Rockford,” said Rogers.  “So, when I think of the Clock Tower, I think about the Henrici’s and the clock museum that used to be there.  We’re talking about 30 – 40 years ago. It was such a landmark for the City of Rockford.”

The Clock Tower has seen many changes since its first construction in 1968.  Old brochures show the hotel with all the amenities. In addition to expansive dining rooms, a movie theater and a large swimming pool.  For years, it was the place for events and even theatrical productions.  Events like those will be what residents like Sue Erickson, will always remember.

“I’ll still have my memories good times, but it won’t be there to remind me as we drive-by.” said Erickson.

The hotel sits on E. State Street and Interstate 90, which Laura Furman, Curator of  Collections at Midway Village Museum, said the landmark is a known greeting to passerbys and visitors into Rockford.

“It really lets people know they’ve arrived and there are many local businesses too that have said they’re just down the road from the Clock Tower,” said Furman.  “It’s really been a local landmark.”

The well known building on East State Street won’t be there for much longer, but Bill Rogers said he is looking forward to what will be replace the Clock Tower Hotel.

“I am also glad to see that they’re going to improve the area because when people come in from Chicago that’s the first thing they see when they drive 90.  They see what that area has, so, hopefully they’ll do something that the community can be proud of.”

Midway Village Museum asks the community to help keep the memories of the Clock Tower alive by donating some old photos or brochures they have to their archives.

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