Rockford’s iconic Clock Tower Resort is due to go under the wrecking ball next week.

The resort was condemned last year. A group of investors, led by Ringland-Johnson CEO Brent Johnson, a construction company based in Cherry Valley, purchased the hotel and conference center for $3 million.

In a letter to Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara last year, Johnson said all ideas are being explored as to what to do with the property, including a casino, hotel, restaurant, retail, or renewed lodging and family entertainment site.

The Clock Tower has stood at the E. State Street entrance to Rockford from I-90 for 50 years.

Resident Bill Rogers said Rockford is losing a landmark with a lot of history.

“I grew up in Rockford,” said Rogers. “So, when I think of the Clock Tower, I think about the Henrici’s and the clock museum that used to be there.  We’re talking about 30 – 40 years ago. It was such a landmark for the City of Rockford.”

The Clock Tower has seen many changes since its first construction in 1968.  Old brochures show the hotel with all the amenities. In addition to expansive dining rooms, a movie theater and a large swimming pool.  For years, it was the place for events and even theatrical productions. 

A firm date for the demolition has not been finalized, nor have plans for what will be erected in its place, but the developer says it “continues to have discussions with potential partners regarding a project that will create the most jobs possible, while providing the highest and best use for the City of Rockford.”