Colleges planning to reopen in the fall


(WTVO) — The COVID-19 pandemic set the stage for a strange year for universities as students and professors were forced to adapt to remote learning.

Many schools are now planning for the fall. The University of Wisconsin System says it plans to resume as much of an in-person campus experience as possible, with a goal of at least 75% of all classes being face-to-face.

Dr. Shikha Jain, assistant professor of medicine at University of Illinois Chicago, believes the transition will happen as more people get immunized against the virus.

“I think that it is absolutely true that college students should get vaccinated as soon as they can,” Jain said. “I don’t think it’s necessary for all of them to be vaccinated for in-person learning to resume, but I do think we need to see the majority of people vaccinated in order to see it safely resuming.”

Illinois State University also plans for a traditional campus experience this fall, saying there will be more students living in on-campus housing and a majority will attend in-person classes.

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