Community Offers Support after Death of Officer Cox


Among the support shown for Officer Cox  is a retired police officer here all the way from Iowa.  Former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Tony Miano said as soon as he heard the news, he knew he had to come.

The retired officer says in the law enforcement community, they recognize each other as family.  When something tragic happens to one community, no matter how far, Miano says it impacts them all.

Flowers, blue ribbions and a framed photo of Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox sits near the spot of his final call.  The death of one of Rockford’s bravest, leaves a wound and for many will be hard to heal.  Some made an emotional visit and pay their respects to a man they once knew and shared memories with.  However, there are others who didn’t know Officer Cox at all, like Miano.  He drove 130 miles from Davenport in Iowa.  

“When I heard about the death of Officer Cox… I felt compelled to come up here and show my support for the Rockford Police community,” said Miano.

Miano spent 20 years as a Sheriff’s deputy at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  He comes with the understanding about what it means to be in the line of duty and put his life on the line everyday just going to work.  He took time to visit all the district police stations and showing his support to those reporting for duty.   

Officer Cox’s squad car sits right in front of the station.  The car and police headquarters draped in black and blue cloth and flags waving at half-staff.

“One officer in particular, as she was starting her shift, spent some time next to Officer Cox’s car… obviously mourning,” said Miano.  “She pulled up to the curb and I just took the opportunity to take her by the hand and encourage her.”

Miano wanted to personally show his respect for the memory of Ofc. Jaimie Cox.

“This is a tragic situation,” said Miano.  “It is situations like this that have a tendency to draw the law enforcement community together with the members of the civilian community.”

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