Community rallies around pitbull left critically injured in hit-and-run


Over the weekend, a sad story – of a dog getting hit in a hit-and-run in Freeport – went viral on social media. With over 7,200 shares on Facebook, donations to help it have been coming in quickly.

“I felt bad for him,” said Melinda Tarbert, the office manager at Freeport Animal Hospital, where the pitbull arrived on Friday. “I’m like, how can anyone just leave him there?”

Images of blood and bruises on his legs and head, his right eye almost swollen  shut, were shared on Facebook. 

“The car that hit him didn’t stop,” said Dr. Condie, a vet at Freeport Animal Hospital. “Fortunately, these people did and called the Freeport police, who notified Animal Control, who came to pick him up, met me here and we started treating him right away. He had severe head trauma.”

Bill Nielson, of Freeport Animal Control, said, “I knew I needed to get it out of here, get it in the van and get it out here, to hopefully save it.”

When the community found out what happened to the dog, they all came together to raise money for it.

“Everybody just came together, the calls started coming in,” said Tarbert. “It was just Facebook, social media, that started it. Everybody just felt so bad, calling from Maine, Arizona. ‘Do you take credit cards?’ Over the phone. They brought blankets, food.”

At this point, no one knows the dog’s name or who its owners are. The dog was not expected to survive, due to its many injuries, but it did and is now expected to be ok.

“I would hope we can get him to a home by the end of the week,” Dr. Condie said. “If he’s not reclaimed, we will find someone to adopt him. He seems like a real sweet dog, for what he’s been through.”

The dog is expected to be fully recovered in about two to three weeks.

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