Companies say they have a hard time filling position due to lack of work ethic


Companies tell one local director of career development that it’s hard to fill positions due to a lack of work ethic. We may live in a culture of instant gratification, but for photographer Mike Szpot says he’s so passionate about his craft that he doesn’t mind doing what it takes.

A quick snapshot for you perhaps, but Instragram photographer Mike Szpot spends minutes to hours for the perfect moment to capture.

Mike went from not being in the social spotlight to having thousands of followers in just a couple of years.

And now Mike has droves of people attending his events.

Mike shares his vision for why he works so hard: “That’s my main goal — I’m working hard to try and get there and try to make a name for myself there. I want to try to be financially independent. I want to surround myself with people who are creating and everyday would be an adventure there.”

Some argue young people have a misconception that success is easily attainable when they see the thousands and millions of likes and followers.

However, Director of Career Development at Rockford University, Maurice West, says its not just millennials.

“Baby boomers are doing very well on their social media platforms,” said West. “However, they once were at zero. They had to take time off of social media to build their brand. They had to come up with a plan.”

West adds at the end of the day, no matter how advanced things become, there’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned work ethic.

Many companies say they struggle with finding the right people to fill positions because applicants’ priorities are not properly lining up.

West says, “In this generation, what they call ‘what’s in it for me?’ or the microwave effect… They want it quick and if they don’t get it quick enough, they quit.”

Mike adds, “Social media fame, as they call it, or Instagram fame, and people are in it for the money, which is not a good profession to go into if you really want just the money. It can work out, but you have to have the passion behind it i believe.”

What many do not see, behind the scenes with YouTubers and social media stars, are the hours poured in to their craft, the money invested, and countless mistakes made before “making it big.”

Mike suggests, “Take it day by day, step by step, instead of, if you have a too big of a goal it might be too intimidating and you might never start it. But, if you break that goal into smaller steps, you can know you’re making progress.”

Mike spends thousands of dollars on gear, constantly pushing boundaries creating, traveling on his own dime, and waiting minutes to hours getting that perfect shot.

So, as they say, dare to dream big, but don’t forget it takes more than just having a vision in order to succeed.

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