Concerned Citizens File Petition to Investigate RVC Board of Trustees Appointment


“I don’t vote for my own appointment,” said Rock Valley College Board Trustee Mike Dunn Jr. “I had no say in the matter. The board came to me and asked if I would be willing to stay on.”

“If it’s technically legal by Illinois law, it’s still not necessarily moral,” said Don Stein.

Don Stein is a community activist who started a petition asking the Winnebago County State’s Attorney to investigate Mike Dunn Jr.’s appointment to the Rock Valley College Board of Trustees.

He says it’s how they did it that makes it very concerning- intentionally waiting until the election deadlines had passed to appoint Dunn to a seat that in reality had been vacant for months.  

“What brought this about was the board’s, well, there’s no other way to say it, shady dealings in how they appointed trustee Dunn to the new position,” said Stein.

But Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato says they don’t plan on taking any action because after reviewing the case, he says the law was followed.
“The state’s attorney’s office has reviewed the matter and does not find that any rules or laws were vacated,” said Bruscato. “And therefore are declining to take any action with regards to that appointment to the Rock Valley Board of Trustees.”

But supporters of the petition say even though it may seem that way, the RVC Board worked to bypass the ballot.

“This goal is to reign in the board to tell the board ‘Hey, we’re watching and we aren’t giving you a free pass anymore. “We’ve seen the decline that the college is in, and we want better for our community and our college.”

But RVC’s board of trustees chairman Patrick Murphy says they didn’t do anything wrong.

“It wasn’t up for election,” said Murphy. “It was not on the ballot, it would not have been on the ballot no matter what. It was only to be appointed because of the date that she resigned.”

He says that those claiming the board withheld information are misinformed.

“It had been public knowledge,” said Murphy. “It was posted on our website, it was posted everywhere, and we had 6 or 8 people that had applied for the position, none of which had any board experience whatsoever.”

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