Cook County Woman killed, Suspect is victim’s husband


What began as a woman found murdered in a parking lot in Sycamore ended with a man shot dead by police in Cook County. Police are calling it an instance of deadly domestic violence. A tragedy, involving a victim of a violent crime, Lidia Juarez, 37-year old of DeKalb. Her estranged husband, Antonio Juarez, 44-years old is the suspect

Jim Winters, Sycamore Deputy Chief, says a call was made by a co-worker about an unresponsive woman inside a car at Juarez’ workplace.

“I don’t know specifically what brought their attention to her,” said Dep. Chief Winters “She was unresponsive and it was apparent she had been the victim of a violent crime. Our officers responded, we determined that she was deceased.”

Winters says after they learned about Juarez’ situation of an order of protection against her husband. They further investigated the case in order to locate him as the primary suspect.  Sycamore police contacted Illinois State police assisting them in finding Antonio Juarez. Task force teams were able to track the suspect in Lyons, Il. A town about 50 miles from the original crime scene.

“During the course of the investigation we reached out to the state police,” said Winters.  “When we discovered we was in the Lyons area. We gave them that information and located him.”

State Police were able to find the 44 year-old man inside a black vehicle. That’s when a shootout broke out, between police and the suspect.  Witnesses at the scene described the shoot-out.

“I just saw the cops shooting at the guy. I heard a bunch of gunshots, like 20 of them. Too many. I just wanted to get out of there,” said Brooke Obradovich.

Another witness recounts the moments the police approached the suspect.

 “I looked outside and I saw a police officer running up to the car, next thing, I heard gunshots,” said David Morrone.

Police responding to the suspect drawing his weapon, fatally shooting the armed man.

“Then you heard the police return fire, sounded pretty rapid like automatic gunfire.” said Bryon McPherson.

Illnois State Police are now in charge of this investigation.

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