County Board Members React To “No Kill” Animal Shelter Petition


Roscoe resident Becky Grammier spoke to the Winnebago County Board during their meeting Thursday night, to ask them to join her efforts in making Winnebago County Animal Services a “No Kill” shelter. 

David Kurlinkus, Chief of Staff and Criminal Bureau for the county’s states attorney’s office, says right now there’s nothing the county could do to make the change.

He explains, “We’re authorized under state statue to euthanize animals. We are not authorized under state statute to create a rescue situation, where the animal would be kept and cared for.”

Board member John Guevara says that making the shelter no-kill would take a trip to Springfield.

He says, “Winnebago County can approach its legislatures and ask for the state to make that happen. So if we can make a financial case for it, make a community case for it, you can then take it and get legislation.”

But the question of it being financially feasible still remains. County board member Bert Gerl supports a “no kill” shelter, but does not think the county can afford the extra burden of housing the animals.

He says. “I think that the cost would probably be somewhat enormous. Right now, we house quite a few animals already, so I think if we work with some non-profits, to where we can make an option quicker, I think it would work.”

For a link to the petition, click here

Board member Eli Nicolosi also supports making the switch, but does not want it to affect taxpayers. He says they need to look at counties that already have “no kill” shelters in place, and see how they operate.

He says, “If they can find a comparable county and show that they’ve been doing this with a ‘no kill solution,’ and showing how they’re feeding [the animals], how much money it’s costing, [and] how much money they’re getting in, those numbers would be of great interest to us.”

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