County Clerk Clears Up Confusions On Election Ballots

Voting Booth

Stateliners going to vote in the March presidential primaries will notice people on the ballot who have already dropped out of the race.

Winnebago County Clerk Margie Mullins explains “The State Board of Elections is who certifies the ballots to all of the county clerks, and election commissions in the state of Illinois. We have not been told any different that those names have to come off.”

Mullins says she does not know how the process works for taking presidential candidates off ballots when they drop out late, but says a vote for a person who has withdrawn still counts.

She says they will not change the ballots. Citing cost as one of the reasons. She says, “The ballots usually run between thirty cents a piece, and if you order seventy thousand ballots, that’s (a lot of money).

And after casting your vote, you have the chance to vote for those candidates’ delegates.
Local Congressman Adam Kinzinger is one of them. He’s a delegate for Jeb Bush

Mullins says to avoid any confusion, it would be best to vote for the delegates of the person you are supporting for president.

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