Cousin Eddie ‘Christmas Vacation’ decoration turns heads

christmas vacation_1544971454883.JPG.jpg

A Christmas display recreating a famous movie scene is turning heads in one Wisconsin neighborhood, making some people laugh and others confused.

A family in Lodi, just outside Madison, set up decorations to recreate one of the most iconic scenes in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” A mannequin dressed to look like Cousin Eddie – complete with bathrobe, beer can, cigar and trapper hat – was set up in front of a camper, holding black plastic tubing that leads to a sewer.

Some people living nearby didn’t understand the reference.

“We didn’t know the background so we thought, ‘What a stupid Christmas thing,'” Adry Smith told WISC.

Others love the setup, which also includes a mannequin on the front step dressed as Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” in his pink bunny pajamas.

“I was just on my way to the quilt store, and passing by, I noticed this famous scene from this famous movie!” Kriss Krueger said.

Police also found the setup hilarious.

“I thought it was great! Anybody who has watched this movie enjoys it. Seeing Cousin Eddie out there, it’s funny,” Lodi Police Lt. Craig Freitag said. “I had to come back around to see if it was a real individual.”

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