Cow in Amboy gives birth to rare triplets


AMBOY, Ill. (WTVO) — An Amboy couple was shocked when their pregnant cow gave birth to rare triplet calves.

The owners of Red Angus “Minnie” say they thought she was having one baby, and were shocked to find two more when the cow gave birth on May 16th.

In most cases of triplets, it is rare for all of the calves to survive. Even if they do, the mother rarely accepts them all.

But Minnie’s owners say the mother cow jumped into the maternal role right away.

“Several people that we’ve asked that have had cows forever – their entire lives, and they’re in their 60s – never saw a set of triplets,” said Cynthia Carlson.

The calves are named after characters on the TV show “Friends,” but with an agricultural twist: Phoe-Beef Buffay, Ross Gelded and Joe Tri-beef-ani.

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