HOUSTON, Texas (WTVO) — Police in Texas are asking the public for help to locate a man who shot and killed a man who was robbing a Mexican restaurant, and then returned the stolen money to the customers who had been robbed.

According to the Houston Police Department, around 11 p.m. on Thursday night at The Ranchito, a suspect, believed to be in his 20’s, entered the restaurant wearing a black ski mask, black gloves, and all black clothing.

Witnesses told police that the suspect pointed a pistol at patrons and demanded money.

But, as the suspect was collecting money from the patrons, one of the customers pulled a gun of his own and shot the robber multiple times.

Surveillance footage released by KHOU shows the moments leading up to the shooting.

The man then collected the stolen money and returned it to the other customers.

Police said he and other victims of the crime left the scene.

Authorities have not issued charges against the man, but say they want to speak with him about his role in the shooting. He reportedly left the scene in a 1970’s or ’80’s model pickup truck.

According to police, the robber’s gun was later revealed to be a “plastic gun.”