Dairyhaus Opens Its Doors For The Summer


Spring has sprung so that means ice cream is on the menu, and one place that’s been serving up fresh homemade scoops to Stateline residents for over 30 years has been the Dairyhaus in Rockton. The ice cream shop opened its doors for the 35th summer Friday.

“Well the party has started and we’re back at it and it’s so much fun all over again,” said Dairyhaus owner Brent Murray. Murray has been working behind the counter for ten years. He says despite cool conditions for opening day, people still came out in mass.

“So I woke up and saw 40 degrees, maybe some rain, and it’s going to be cool, and I had that pit in my stomach,” Murray said. “We opened up the door to a line down the sidewalk, and it kept up consistent throughout the day,” he added.

The consistency continued through Saturday. “Coming down to the library on Saturday mornings you can smell it getting made and then usually after the library we get ice cream,” said Rockton resident Shannon Miller. Miller was enjoying ice cream with her husband and son Matt, trying flavors like salted caramel cashew and blue moon.

Employee and avid Dairyhaus customer Corbin Fincham finds the local business so important to him he got a permanent mark to remember them by.

“I got it tattooed on my body, so it’s got to be pretty important,” Finchman said as she showed an ice cream scooper tattooed on his forearm. Murray says the success of the Dairyhaus speaks to the Stateline’s support of locally owned businesses.

“If you were to look at the Dairyhaus, I would say we have compt up each year, which has just been absolutely fantastic,” Murray said. “I think that’s a testament to the Stateline and Rockford and Rockton, and people’s passion for locally made product,” he added. 

The Dairyhaus plans to add new flavors this summer with the help of Rockford businesses like the Prairie Street Brew House and Rockford Roasting Company to create beer and coffee flavored ice creams.

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