Dakota students reflect on team-building, camaraderie afforded by Stateline Quiz Bowl


The Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl started its fourth season with thirty-two local high school teams. This weekend, we’ll find out which team will face Auburn High School in the live championship show.

The students that appear on the show regularly compete for their schools in various academic bowls.

Dakota High School’s scholastic team believes it will have an advantage next year. Alanna Pals is one of the few seniors on the team. She’s been a member for all four years of high school.

“You grow really close to your teammates,” she said. “I started with my friends and we all got to alternate being captain.”

Jacalyn Reifsteck, a junior at Dakota, said, “When I came in freshman year, I didn’t think it was going to be fun. I thought it was going to be nerdy and geeky. And then I had a great coach and, yeah, it was a lot of fun!”

Dakota students practice twice a week and compete regularly.

“It’s really a team exercise, even though a bunch of people might think they know the answer, you all have to work together and figure it out,” said team member Morgan Graybill. “We all have our own little areas and we argue within that. In an odd way, it’s fun.”

Students say one of the highlights of being on the academic team is getting to compete in the Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl.

Mitchell McIntosh said, “It was very interesting being on TV for the first time, especially as a junior. I’m 16-years-old and here I am in front of a bunch of cameras, trying not to mess up or anything.”

The skill students learn on the scholastic team will help them, no matter what career path they chose in life.

“I thoroughly enjoy it, because it’s not just you trying to be all-for-one and trying to do it one way,” said Bryan Dieken. “You’re trying to join together and it’s kind of like a preparation for jobs, because you always have to work in teams in different jobs, and so it kind of preps you at the same time.”

With only a few graduating seniors on the team, Dakota expects to come back strong next year.

Pals said, “It’s kind of going to be hard to leave those guys this year.”

Next week, we’ll feature a profile on Keith Country Day School’s scholastic team.

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