Dangerous new type of heroin could soon be available in Illinois

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A dangerous mix of heroin and fentanyl that has already claimed one life in Missouri could soon be coming to Illinois.

The drug, called Pink Elephant Heroin because its mixture of heroin and a powerful synthetic laced with fentanyl gives it a pink color, has been responsible for one death near St. Louis, WSIL-TV reports.

“If it’s a problem in St Louis, it will be a problem here,” said Sergeant J.D. Dwyer of the Marion Police Narcotics Unit. Dwyer says Illinois drug dealers make trips into St. Louis several times a week to pick up hard drugs to bring back to Illinois to sell.

A program manager for the Missouri Network of Opiate Reform and Recovery reportedly told KSDK-TV that Pink Elephant Heroin requires 4 to 5 doses of the opiate-reversing drug Narcan to bring someone out of an overdose, compared to traditional heroin.

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