Daniel Biss Opens Office in Rockford on Mulberry Street


A candidate for Illinois governor opens up a campaign office in Rockford.

Democrat Daniel Biss set up shop at the old Bernie Sanders location on Mulberry Street downtown.  His running mate, Rockford state representative Litesa Wallace, was there for the grand opening, along with Senator Steve Stadelman.  Another Democrat, Chicago Alderman Ameya Pawar, just dropped out of the governor’s race.  Biss says he and Pawar share many of the same views and hopes Pawar’s supporters throw their votes behind him.

Biss said, “Ameya’s a good friend, and he was the candidate in the race that I was most aligned with. And so I think there’s a bigger gap now between the progressive vision that we offer and all the rest of the candidates in the field can do.”

Pawar says he withdrew because he does not have enough money to continue his campaign.

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