Rockford’s loss of police Officer Jaimie Cox in the line of duty left the city in mourning.  The man he pulled over that night, Eddie Patterson, also died.  Questions still surround what led to the confrontation because there was no camera in Officer Cox’s car.  However, a childhood friend is doing his best to make sure that never happens again through a fundraising initiative.

“I’m frustrated at what happened, but I’m excited at the opportunity we have though,” said Zach Meiborg.  He knew Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox since they were kids.  They were also co-workers at his trucking company, Meiborg Brothers.  

“He worked with us for a couple years here at our shop,” said Meiborg.

Two weeks ago, the 30-year old officer and veteran lost his life in the line of duty, but without any video capturing what happened on that fateful night.  Due to lack of survellance, investigators may never know what really happened between Cox and Eddie Patterson.  After the incident, Meiborg decided to raise money to buy dash cams for the department.  So far, he’s raised more than $32 thousand dollars.

“The majority of that comes from business owners who are saddened and want to make a change,” said Meiborg.  He says this fundraiser is a way to honor his lost friend.  

“Jaimie was a close friend of our family and in his memory we would like to better equip our officers.”

The Rockford Police fleet consists of 105 cars, but only a quarter of them are equipped with dash cams.  The Rockford Police Department says it’s on board to accept money from the fundraiser.  However, the city is already considering buying dozens of new squad cars that will be equipped with dash cams.  As of right now, it’s not immediately clear how the money will be used.  However, Meiborg says the cameras will help any future police investigations.

“Our community right now, is very emotionally charged,” said Meiborg.  “I feel that for a small cost to every citizen or even local businesses here, we can easily equip our police with the equipment that they need.”

Checks can be sent to the Crimestoppers P.O. Box at 4535, Rockford, IL 61110.  The memo should specify as ‘Dash Cam Fundraiser.’