Dead-end in Nearly 70-year-old Murder Mystery in Ogle County

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After exhuming the body from a 1948 double murder, the Ogle County Sheriff’s Office has determined that all of those involved are now dead.

Stanley Skridla was on a date with Mary Jane Reed in Oregon who he was shot to death.  Reed’s dead body was found four days later.  The case was never solved.

The Sheriff’s Office re-investigated the case back in 2007, and also cooperated in the exhumation after new evidence was presented, hoping modern forensic technology could produce new leads.

Skridla’s body was exhumed in May 2015 and two .32 caliber bullets were recovered from his coffin, which were then submitted to the Illinois State Crime Lab.  A .32 caliber handgun which might have been involved in the shooting was also turned over to police.

The crime lab found that only one of the bullets could be analyzed, and it was not fired from the handgun, leading the Sheriff’s Department to conclude that recent leads in the case are unsubstantiated, and that all the people involved in their murders are now deceased.

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