Rockford Investigators pull a body out of Keith Creek. Police say it was a man in the water.

Crews worked for several hours to recover the body. Investigators were on scene just before 5 p.m. near 7th avenue on Monday.  One family fears the victim, may be their brother, who’s been missing since last week’s floods hit.

Police tape blocked off streets, creating a perimiter.  Rockford Resident Dylan Anderson watched as rescuers searched for a body in Keith Creek.

“[It’s]crazy,” said Anderson. “Something that doesn’t happen everyday.”

Along side him, a family anxiously awaits to find their missing brother.  They made a flyer for Jose Vazquez. They say he’s been missing since last week’s flooding. With this find, they’re fearing the worst.  Dive crews searched the creek. They eventually found a body and pulled it out of the river, using a chainsaw to help free it from debris.

However, it had been in water for so long,  investigators couldn’t  tell right away if the victim was a man or woman, or even if foul play may have been involved.