Decatur company ceases THC testing of employees


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — ADM announced in a letter to their employees that they would not be testing for THC anymore, a main ingredient in marijuana and other products.

Employees now will not have to worry about pre-employment screenings and random tests. Just like with alcohol, workers will have to be sober on the job. ADM is the largest employer in Decatur. One advocate for cannabis usage says more companies should follow them.

“That’s how I think it should be,” says Bradd Stewart, who has family and friends who work at ADM. “They shouldn’t be scared to get a job. They should be like, ‘Wow. That’s one more barrier from me making making a better life for me and my family. Sweet.’ That’s how I would take it.”

The change only applies to ADM employees in states that have allowed recreational marijuana. Others can still be tested. Employees whose job is regulated by the Department of Transportation can still be tested as well.

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