Decomposing body found in pillar outside supermarket


A decomposing body was found inside a supermarket’s entrance column in Lancaster, California on Saturday. Investigators believe it may be that of a chase suspect who escaped authorities earlier in the week.

A store manager for Winco Foods noticed a foul smell in the air recently and thought it may be a sewage leak. He called a plumber over the weekend, and when the plumber broke open the pillar he discovered a leg and a shoe!

Police were then called to the scene where crews confirmed a body was stuck inside.

The remains have not been identified, but police believe the body may belong to a man they were chasing last Monday, August 6th.

Witnesses at the time say they saw a man jump out of a car, being pursued by police.

The man reportedly ran into the supermarket and up a set of stairs, to the store roof.

Police thought the suspect escaped.

The incident is still under investigation.

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