A DeKalb man has been charged with a hate crime after distributing a flyer full of swastikas and anti-government propaganda at a suburban Chicago Starbucks.

Andrew Angel, 43, is accused of putting a flyer on someone’s car outside the Countryside coffee shop while the person was inside it. When police approached Angel inside the Starbucks to ask him about the flyer, he allegedly caused a disturbance, left the store and began yelling racial slurs at the person who he had given the flyer.

When authorities searched Angel’s car, they found white supremacist flyers, a Ku Klux Klan hood, clothing with swastika and confederate flag patches, a ventriloquist dummy and stuffed animals.

The incident happened back in May, but following a subsequent investigation, Angel was taken into custody last week. He faces a felony hate crime charge and disorderly conduct charge.