Delivery services helping shoppers practice social distancing


ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) ─ Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s “Stay at Home” order has changed the way many go about some everyday errands. From grocery shopping to grabbing a bite to eat, delivery services are busier than ever.

“Delivery services as a whole are a safer option because it is keeping less people on the road, less people out there,” said DoorDash driver Nicholas Kowalski.

COVID-19 has forced a change to the way shoppers buy groceries and get food from local restaurants. Instead of venturing out, shoppers are told to stay in and wait.

“Some people are very hesitant about ‘Joe Shmoe’ delivering food,” said former delivery driver Samantha Kruger. “But, this is such a great way, not only for people to social distance, but also to support a local restaurant.”

Grocery delivery apps can also be used to help elderly family members.

“If you have family that you can’t go pick up their groceries, or you have an elderly parent that say you can’t go pick up their groceries, or you can’t go pick up their food, this is a great way for you to do that for them without being able to have you do it,” said Kruger. “They don’t want their parents going out to get groceries, they don’t want their parents going out getting dinner, or lunch or breakfast whatever, and they can order for them and have it delivered to their home.”

Juliana Stanfa is a part time DoorDash driver and nursing student. She ha created a routine to ensure the safety of herself and her customers.

“When I’m in my car and I’ve got my bag and I’m getting ready to go into a restaurant, I’ll put a squirt of hand sanitizer in my left hand,” said Stanfa. “I’ll go and pull the door open with my right hand and once I’m in the restaurant, then I’ll rub my sanitizer in so that way my hands are clean by the time I’m grabbing their food.”

Some delivery services, like DoorDash and GrubHub, are implementing no contact delivery.

“They can choose, as well as Dashers themselves can also choose to have it be left at the door, and to send a photo as long as you let the customer know,” said Kowalski.

Grocery store curbside pick-up services can also help shoppers practice social distancing.

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