WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — There was a somber atmosphere in the Capitol on Thursday as lawmakers discussed the events that took place a year ago and President Biden took aim at his predecessor.

Lawmakers spent Thursday reflecting on the one year anniversary of the attack on the Capitol.

“It was almost the worst moment of my life,” said Rep. Susan Wild (D-Penn.).

Wild and others shared their experiences from that day and what they learned.

“How close we had been to real genuine threats, danger,” Wild said.

“This wasn’t a group of tourists. It was an armed insurrection,” Biden said.

Earlier in the day, the president condemned the actions of former President Trump and blamed him for inciting his supporters to overturn the election.

“He’s done so because he values power over principle. Because he sees his own interest as more important than his country’s interest, than America’s interest,” Biden said.

While many Republicans were in Georgia for the funeral of former Senator Johnny Isakson, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), some of the loudest voices boosting the former president’s election lies, pushed against the treatment of Trump supporters charged after the insurrection.

“January 6 last year wasn’t an insurrection,” Gaetz said.

“This is a two tiered justice system that should never exist in our country,” Greene said.

Even though Donald Trump canceled his event in Mar-a-Lago, he released a statement, attacking the president, Democrats and the election.