Did you know there was an election next week? Candidates urge ‘get out and vote!’


You may not be choosing a president or a governor, but on Tuesday, there is a Spring election that will decide dozens of local races, and leaders are encouraging residents to get out and vote.

“If you want to make a difference in your community, and in the life of your family and the life of your children, you have to pay attention to these issues,” said Jo Minor, President of the League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford.

On Tuesday, voters will have the chance to make their voices heard on issues like choosing the members of local school boards, trustees for Rock Valley College, and several aldermen and women.

Minor says voters need to care about who is elected to these positions.

“We’re looking at, right now, Rock Valley trustees. We’re looking at school board elections. Those are real bread-and-butter issues. Your property taxes pay for Rock Valley College and they pay for the school districts,” she said.

Voting individuals into these elected positions is not the only mission of this election. There are many races in which candidates are running unopposed.

Erick Beck, Trustee for District 6 in Machesney Park, has no challenger. He says the election offers a way for residents to voice their opinion of the candidates.

“Support the candidates of your choice,” Beck said, “People that you know have done good work in the past and you know, and go out and support these folks.”

On Tuesday, April 2nd, voters can go to a local polling place and cast their vote, something Minor suggests people of all voting ages should do.

“If you want to make sure the people getting into those positions share your values and understand your issues, you have to acquaint yourself with the candidates and get out and make sure you vote,” she said.

For a list of polling places near you, click here.

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