Dixon community reacts to high school shooting


“You always think it’ll never happen in my home, but it does,” said Oregon resident Jerry Seaworth. Seaworth and residents living in and around Dixon are in shock after what could have been a deadly situation at Dixon High School.

“Count your blessings because you don’t think it’ll happen until it happens to you, and in your town,” said Dixon resident Brandon Stehl. School resource Officer Mark Dallas stopped suspected shooter Matt Milby.

Milby’s accused of opening fire in the school during a graduation rehearsal. Community members are calling Officer Dallas a hero. “Thank god we got somebody in the school to care of the problem and it didn’t multiply into a Parkland Florida deal,” added Seaworth.

The alleged shooter’s mom Julie Milby also spoke out. She says nothing justified her son bringing a gun to school, but adds he was a victim of bullying.

“It’s not that I wouldn’t love to just poor my heart out, I just know the kids been real sad for a long time,” Milby said outside her home. “I mean a lot of kids steal from him, a lot of kids that have known him all his life. His kindness got taken for weakness and he kind of got thrown under the bus,” she added. 

She thanks Officer Dallas for apprehending her son and sparing his life. “I honestly would have to tell him thank you, because I think on most cases they would kill them,” she said.

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